Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcoming and less welcoming places for fat people?

I still hope that one day someone will publish a book about fat-friendly cities, states and countries. At least I would like to think that there are fat-friendly countries. Actually according to certain studies, there are a few fat-friendly countries in Africa. I keep wondering if that means that fat people, especially fat women from western countries, would be welcome there, at least as visitors.

For what it's worth:  I have found that cities and states in which I feel most welcome/d are not necessarily those listed as fat-friendly or those listed as "fattest." This may have to do with the fact that I have very dark hair and dark eyes, and am also tall. These factors may take precedence over fatness.

Welcoming cities/towns:  Boston area. Burlington ,Vt. Madison, WI area. Albany, NY. New Paltz, NY. Poughkeepsie, NY. Pittsburgh, PA. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Miami, FL.

Less welcoming cities:  Philadelphia, PA.  Baltimore, MD.  Washington, DC.


Welcoming:   Sri Lanka, Canada, Belgium.

Less welcoming:  UK, Thailand, Malaysia.

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