Sunday, December 15, 2013

Body Image Prison

I hope that one day you will get a chance to hear the poets who contributed to Fat Poets Speak 1 and 2 read in their own voices. I don't know if it is somehow mandatory  for people who write poems about being fat to have lovely, haunting voices, but they do. Perhaps it is an innate requirement.

All of us live in the USA. Perhaps one day our circle will expand to include people from other countries.

Ironically this may be the one thing in which the USA does lead the world right now:  its slowly blooming acceptance of fat people. To my knowledge no country in any part of Europe and very few still in Africa and Asia accept and appreciate fat people  The USA seems to have made more progress in making changes in its laws and in its rate of acceptance of fat people. More journalists and scientists here are finally starting to accept the idea that dieting is counterproductive and that if one wants to try to make some kind of improvements in one's health, the greatest one can make is to take up some kind of moderate movement or exercise.

At last the body image prison is crumbling..and we fat poets are on the job!

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