Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fat dreaming?

Also always wondered if my dreams as a fat woman were different than those of non-fat women. But if around 70 percent of us are "overweight" or "fat," it would seem to me that we are the ones with the "mainstream" dreams.

I dream: of the sea, and if I am upset, of the sea crashing in and going inland and flooding. This may have to do with Global Warming warnings, which, alas, must indeed be taken seriously.

I dream:  of crossing from Asia into Australasia, and back again. This dream brings great delight. Why I dream this and why it brings such great delight, I don't know.

I dream:  of snow in July.

I dream: of flying. Yes, Erica Mann Jong, you are not the only one :)   And yes, this dream brings great pleasure, as well.

I dream:  of being in the Bronx, in my grandparents' apartment and of walking near it. Occasionally I see people in this dream who are/were my relatives, and I also see relatives that were gone before I was born.

I dream:  of people I will never see again.

Fat dreams?  I don't know. Poems about fat dreams? I would like that.

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  1. Somewhat -- or maybe not at all -- related, I've noticed when I dream of myself (sometimes I'm other people or things), I'm always fat and very political about it. It tickles me that my fat is so much a part of my sense of self.