Friday, December 6, 2013

Medical people are oblivious

I so wish that when I was young, I could have said to people telling me to go on a diet, "Shrink myself so that I fit into some arbitrary standard someone who is afraid of diversity has devised, and around which they have build some rather strange megacomplexes of supposed health requirements? I don't think so."

Unfortunately we find out only later that these supposed medical professionals didn't know what the hell they were doing when they advised healthy young people to diet. Just think - an entire profession who should more or less apologize to us. Of course most of them still probably don't think so, and they mouth the idiocies about health and diet they were taught because Big Medicine and Big Pharma and Big Dieting probably funded the textbooks and the few lectures they attended on the subject of eating habits when they were in med school. And they took in the prevailing wisdom -or stupidity- about dieting and norms and weights and such and most probably didn't question them.

Most of them still wish we were not around. They still don't like us fat people.

Since we don't like them either, it is no wonder that we are considered bad patients.

Good thought for a poem.

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