Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fat, Winter, Comfort

Lesleigh Owen's breathtaking poem about being in Alaska served as a finale to Fat Poets Speak 1. Many of us fat people love winter because we don't have to worry about trying to get down to as few clothes as possible. We can ease back, relax as others also waddle around in layers..

Or that was how it used to be. Lately designers have taken to making these streamlined numbers that are supposed to make women look as if they are posing in their own ski chalets. We are seemingly not allowed to be comfortable or walk comfortably layered anymore. Seems they hate us so much that they don't even want us to have the comfort of not having to worry about layers or thick, warm clothes that everyone really should think about wearing outside in winter. Nooooo... we are supposed to show bones even now, and how dare we even think or remember of the time when we weren't being shamed.

Even the idea of being comfortable with hot chocolate with a stick of peppermint in it by a fire or in a warm room seems to be going the way of the whooping crane. For comfort itself, you see, is also suspect.*

*Why aren't we acting or moving or working? Does it sound to you as if a whole lot of designers and doctors have ADHD?

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