Monday, June 30, 2014

Dr. Judith

Dr. Judith

Every hair, every button, every accessory
in place. How gauche, how wearying for her,
my undergrad energy:
eyes bright, laughs staccato from lack of sleep,
thoughts falling from my mouth in currents.

She looked at me as she mentioned
oh so pointedly
the woman who finished her -the Prof's- thoughts

Her eyes sneered at my heft.

How long it took me to understand
how much she hated
everything I was.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Middle Earth Morality

Middle Earth Morality

Middle Earth hobbits.
Fat and jolly. Gollum starves
into bones and frantic eyes.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fat magic mountain

Mountain top you own -
circle with thighs clenched fat blue
air water sky sun stone

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weight Loss Masala

Weight Loss Masala

New drug in the mix
by Novo Nordisk.
Five point nine percent
of body weight lost,
but oh, diarrhea
and nausea
for side effects
for much of the loss.

And don't forget thyroid cancer
and pancreatitis.

Such succulent guinea pigs
they think us.

So those moans you hear
must be guinea pig sounds.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Topography, by Lesleigh Owen

Occasionally a poet comes along who transforms words into magic.

Lesleigh Owen is such a poet. She writes magic and "fats" it unbelievably.

Happy Birthday,  Lesleigh.

This poem is from Fat Poets Speak 2:  Living and Loving Fatly

Topography                                  Lesleigh Owen

I travel the city,
a fat body writ large
with streets for veins
and hills
and grassy knolls
with clumps
of brackish fragrance.

Yellow grass crackles underfoot
while a sky, blue as weeping eyes,
presses down,
a glossy windowpane.
Pathways wind and lead and
like thighs, always leading inward,
beige gradually darkening:

a tunnel, a turnpike.
I can’t see where to go
but don’t always
feel lost.

The wind trembles against me,
sighs up my skirt,
a breath of life
that steals my words.

Leafless trees groan upward,
thorns piercing dimpled flesh.
Brown-gray, the ground
shudders beneath
spills of acorns.

The terrain is too rugged for flowers,
though red roses hang upside-down,
spent and drying.
Earth cracks and crumbles
while short, plump fingers
caress, untangle, untie
knotted clouds.

Three months ago, I moved away
from California but
no closer to Florida.
Middle ground, middle
and open my mouth wide
to breathe comfort
and actions into words
and in those moments, 
I can almost taste the bottom
of the world.

Copyright 2013, by Lesleigh Owen

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

To The Girl In The Pool, by Anne S. Kaplan

One of the sections in Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly is called Across the Generations. The poets whose works appear in this section say, in effect, "It does get better." A very important message for fat girls to receive, indeed.

So here is Anne S. Kaplan's poem entitled To The Girl In The Pool. How I wish that someone would have said these words to me when I was growing up.

And Anne, for the record, at 60, I am now a fat old lady. Let's hear it for the fat old ladies, and the young fat girls who will learn from them!

To The Girl In The Pool                             Anne S. Kaplan

You walk by me in the pool, an image of sadness.
As much as you seem to be trying to be invisible...
I see you.

Your head down, shoulders hunched,
eyes hidden beneath bangs,
round body sheathed in solid black...
I ache for you.

You return to your family on deck
Laughing, colorful, carefree, happy,
And not a roundness among them.
They're not like you.

Your story will never be known to me,
But I do know being surrounded by family
yet feeling so different, so unincluded.
I know your alone-ness.
I weep for you.

You and I never spoke a word
I didn't know how to approach.
Yet rue the comfort and hope I didn't share.
Would you have listened to the fat old lady
who cared for you?

You will come to know some things I've learned:
That being different is more than OK,
love and beauty come in all sizes,
and your lifejoy asks no changes
save your own beliefs about your loveliness.
Across space and time,
I celebrate you.

Copyright 2013, Anne S. Kaplan

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kathy Barron: Love Talk III

One of the most wonderfully erotic haiku you will ever read. From Fat Poets 2: Living and Loving Fatly.

Kathy Barron
Love Talk III

 Wake me with your kiss
 Trail your tongue along my skin
 Mouth explore my curves.

copyright 2013, by Kathy Barron

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey, let's celebrate a little...!

I was shocked (in a good way) when I saw this. Well, not really shocked. More astounded..

I don't often do this, but hey...we can celebrate a little, right? (Goes along with turning 60 in 5 days.. :)  )

Fat Poets Speak 2:  Living and Loving Fatly