Saturday, December 21, 2013

To food or not to food

Fat Poets Speak (2): Living and Loving Fatly does not have that many poems about food, although it is mentioned. This is at least partly by careful choice. First of all, in a strange way it is an anomaly that fat people are even associated with eating more. Several studies have shown that fat people eat the same amount or less than non-fat people. Secondly, although fat people and people of all sizes have fun eating and cooking, I did not see that there was a necessity to emphasize food and cooking at the expense of so many other areas pertaining to fat people. A few poems that mention food are of course in FPS.

I mentioned at some point that when I was in second grade, a classmate asked me why I was fat. I told him that I ate a lot. He then said, "I eat a lot, too, and I'm not fat." It did not occur to me for more than forty years after that maybe, just maybe, I didn't eat more than most kids I knew, but simply assumed that I did.

It also didn't even occur to me to ask, "What, exactly, is a lot, and how can you know how any one child or person metabolizes it?"

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