Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Beauty of Our Moms

We all had strong relationships with our moms, some mostly good, some not. Same thing often with our grandmothers. From what I can see, our moms often struggled with food and weight issues, and often passed their anxieties on to us.

The sad thing is that they were beautiful, but the world -well, the country?- was not interesting in letting them know it, or in imparting standards of beauty that admitted other than tall and thin  blond women. And yet..whether or not they were blond or tall or thin, they were beautiful.

I think of my mom, whom I wrote about (as you will see) in Fat Poets Speak: Living and Loving Fatly. She was originally fetchingly plump and thoroughly gorgeous. And yet now that she is very thin -and still gorgeous, at 85- she still - STILL- worries about her weight.

Is it a crime, to shame women for their weight (whatever it is)? I hope that one day, it will be.

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