Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FatLand 2 is Free on Kindle

I don't usually write about FatLand here because I want to keep the blogs separate. FatLand, is, after all, for the trilogy - science fiction. Fat Poets Speak is for the discussion of the Fat Poets Speak books and writing "fat" poetry.

However, I do feel impelled today to inform readers that -if you didn't already know - FatLand: The Early Days is FREE on Kindle in Amazon from today (well, yesterday) until October 20.

Loving your body and writing about it is a very different proposition in poetry than it is in fiction.  But I must say that the poets featured in Fat Poets Speak: Living and Loving Fatly do it beautifully.

Talk to your body. See what it says! (Argue with it, if necessary, but don't get too mean. It is pretty sensitive..)


  1. 10/18 morning -- not currently free on Amazon. :-(

  2. I sure hope that you got the link I sent. It was for the free version/edition.

  3. Found it in my spam folder (triggered by word 'free', I'm guessing.)

    THANKS! Now have the book on my Kindle, iPad, & phone -- will read on upcoming trip.

    1. Wonderful! I think it is the ideal novel for a "trip" reading. Have fun on your trip, too.