Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fat Poets' Resort

 A vision: a Fat Poets' resort, where we all can visit or live year round. Plenty of capacious chairs, strong beds, trails to walk and explore, amazing views, incredible food, haunting sunsets. Laptops to rent, with printers nearby, if we decide not to bring our own. A large carpeted library with loads and loads of books. And windows.  A lake. Lots and lots of strong chairs near the lake.

Our own rooms, each with a gorgeous and spacious bathroom. Beds strong enough to jump up and down on (and for other things).

 A pool.

A room with a fireplace and legacy games and chessboards.

Lots of trees.

An amusement park :) (For fat people, but for everyone else too, so it can make money enough to support the resort.)

Swings! Of various kinds. Hammocks.

A porch that stretches around the entire ground floor, for the Main House. Oh, also porch swings. Lots of strong wonderful Adirondack chairs and other kinds of strong chairs.

Staff that adore us and understand how to treat us really well.

Did I leave anything out? What would you all like to see?


  1. A place like this has been a long-held dream of mine. If I won a mega-lottery, I would buy a place in the Finger Lakes to create this. There already exist buildings on Canandaigua Lake that come close to this vision, would just need a bit of updating.

    My vision combines resort and spa, as well as fat community center.

    So it would also include:
    * 100% accessibility, including ramps, electronic doors, and (an) elevator(s) if more than one level.
    * Massage therapists and other bodyworkers.
    * A heated, mineral-water, jetted pool, with in-water lounges.
    * Size- and mobility-friendly physical therapists, water aerobics & swim instructors, and yoga and movement trainers.
    * Fabulous food, three meals a day and snacks. All food preferences would be honored.
    * Canoes, paddleboats, and a motorboat (if appropriate) and/or sailboat to go out on that lake.
    * Clothing exchange/consignment/retail shop.
    * An always-open, always quiet meditation room.
    * Meeting space, with AV equipment.
    * Room for group workouts, dances, yoga, etc. all aimed at nurturing fat bodies.

    A possible addition or nearby expansion could be a size-friendly medical facility and/or senior assisted-living facility.

    Ahhh... it's good to dream.

  2. It is indeed:) But maybe maybe one day, Anne??