Sunday, October 20, 2013


There are some, um, interesting pictures of women's breasts on Facebook these days. How photoshopped they are, I don't know :)

That is one of the few things that fat women have that are considered an asset. A fat and very endowed friend of mine -when I was in grad school- managed to sleep with most of the rock and folk musicians touring Cambridge, Mass. She was, it seems, esteemed for her bodacious breastage. (Neologism..I didn't want to write cleavage or boobies or knockers or tatas..) She was quite cheerful at concerts. I hope she's still doing her thing, even if she is a bit older.

Some of our poems in Fat Poets Speak: Living and Loving Fatly do mention breasts, not necessarily in an erotic sense, but because they are redolent of comfort and softness and make people nice to hug.

And when they bounce, they reset the shapes of those who happily possess them.

Only problem: getting a bra that fits correctly and is comfortable.

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