Friday, October 11, 2013

Romance, intrigue and fat desire

I have had problems with "Romance" for a long time. I don't like cutesy sweetsy things said to me. I like original, shocking and mysterious things, preferably said in at least two languages. I like glares, meaningful stares and intrigue. And slow seduction.

I think a couple of the poets featured in Fat Poets Speak convey their desires and longing and ambivalence wonderfully.

I claim these "rights" for myself even though I am fat. I feel that I cannot "settle" for safe and peaceful patterns.

I got into hot water on what billed itself as a fat-friendly discussion site because I said that I liked relationships with a spice of mystery and the unknown, and even danger, occasionally. I had to explain that I didn't mean physical danger. I was told that these things were not appropriate.

Oh, really? Since when do fat women have to conform to vanilla and safe desires?

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