Monday, October 28, 2013

Before and After

You know, it's funny. Some of the slimmer and "average sized" people I knew earlier in my life -oh, say, about twenty years ago- have gained some weight. From what I can see, at least one of them exercises a lot and hopefully feels good. But he doesn't seem to be losing any weight. This of course matters about zero to me. I wonder if it matters to him. He was always hot as far as I was concerned when we were younger and he is quite hot now, with his shock of greying hair, still nice shoulders and strong thighs.

By the way (a little bonus for people who read this blog), he is the man about whom I wrote in "Forgiveness," which is in Fat Poets 2 - Fat Poets Speak: Living and Loving Fatly.

Does he dislike himself because he has gained weight? I hope not.

When he was a freshperson in college (ha, ha, yes, quite fresh), he liked women who were plump/chubby. Then he learned and aligned his tastes with others, specifically the ones who made fun of him for his tastes. And yet he didn't stop appreciating heavier women altogether. He just went out with a variety of women :)

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