Monday, September 30, 2013

To dream

FatLand  (the land/territory featured in my trilogy of the same name) will not have its first actual poetry contest until about five years after it becomes a sovereign territory. But the FatLand Anthem is sung at the first celebratory gatherings. It was written in a contest.

Living in a territory in which discrimination against fat people is forbidden and in which all sizes of people are welcome frees up an amazing amount of psychic and emotional energy to write. But even more importantly, it frees up a lot of energy to dtream, to become, to change, to fly, to celebrate. Suddenly you are allowed to dream yourself into possibilities you had denied yourself before. You can become so many things you could not even let yourself imagine becoming previously. You are at one with yourself, with your territory, with the earth. You can even encourage your friends to become things both you and they were denied, not only in actuality, but in possibility on the Other Side/USA.

You can become a shero. A hero. An inspiration. If you are a villain, you can curtail or rechannel your villainy :)   (Interesting developments in the latter in FatLand 3 :)

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