Thursday, September 26, 2013

Safe places for fat people

Are there such things as safe places for fat people, places in which they don't have to endure discrimination, being stigmatized and being harassed? Fat Poets Speak 2 features a section entitled Safety Net, in which poets write about exactly this. They also write about anti-fat prejudice in this section and  in other sections, as well.

It is a treat to write about places in which fat people are completely accepted, whether in FPS or in FatLand.
It would be doubly and trebly a treat if such places actually existed.  A sad little secret:  Every time I have endeavored to put together a list of real places in which fat people are respected and welcomed, someone has mentioned the lack of respect and/or harassment that has occurred in these places.

Fat Poets Speak also has a section entitled Revolution. This is another idea for fat people to embrace when they have been insulted one time too many, and when venues that welcome fat people completely are nonexistent. Time to march!

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  1. I've often said this is one of the reasons we don't see more fatties, esp superfatties, in public. This world wasn't meant, ideologically or materially, for fat bodies. :(