Saturday, September 28, 2013

Short, long, spicy

In Fat Poets Speak 2:  Living and Loving Fatly, you will find haiku, a form we didn't have in Fat Poets 1. You will also find more long poems.

Because of its brevity and requirements for syllabification -5 syllables-7 syllables-5 syllables in three lines-  the haiku is of necessity image-heavy. One or two images is/are all the writer can cram in. However, there are some wonderful haiku in FPS 2. Two sets of haiku are by Kathy Barron, whose lines flow so smoothly into each other that they probably should constitute an entirely new poetic format. Anne Kaplan's whale haiku is the finale for the book.

As for long, long poems, my poem "Forgiveness" is the longest, at around 11 pages. Lesleigh has quite a few poems of 3-5 pages. Speaking for all of us, many good things do come in large packages.

And variety is the spice of Fat Poets Speak 2 is often as spicy as it gets. Nom nom nom..

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  1. Like people, poetry should come in all shapes and sizes. <3