Monday, September 30, 2013

FatLand: Its government, taxes and safety net

During this politically charged time, when the US Government has shut down (hopefully quite temporarily), I got to thinking of how FatLand's government thus far had not faced a similar threat. FatLand is after all governed by the FatLand Governing Board, usually referred to simply as "The Board." The Board's members change every two years. They are elected by FatLand citizens in a popular election. (Election Day is yet another good reason for a holiday, with lots of restaurants and bars featuring Election Day specials and all open into the wee hours with screens up and detailing the results of the election.)

FatLanders do not pay taxes unless they earn one million dollars a year. When income reaches one hundred million a year, the tax is 25 percent. With no loopholes of any kind. No reduced rates on capital gains, either.

FatLanders have a very strong safety net, as noted elsewhere. They receive income and medical insurance while unemployed and undergoing training, and of course when they retire. Daycare is free, since daycare workers are paid by the government. Medical insurance is one-payer, also provided by the FatLand government.

Yet more reasons for Other Siders to want to live in FatLand, besides the obvious ones of non-discrimination and size-friendiness.

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