Sunday, September 29, 2013

In which the author/editor partakes uncharacteristically of gossip

To get slightly personal here, a movie was made about the life of one of my former poetry workshop professors a year or so ago. I would rather like to see it, but I know it does not contain the interesting stuff :)

I took another name partly so that he would not know what I was up to. Not that I expect he would be searching or googling, mind you :)   It is just that I did not wish to subject myself to his expectations.

I do remain in touch with the professor under whose guidance I translated many of the poems by the poet Celia Dropkin from Yiddish to English. Dr. Kathryn Hellerstein, of the University of Pennsylvania, writes regularly and beautifully about Yiddish woman/women poets and is also a distinguished poet in her own right.

A poet who was with me in one of the workshops -she had actually published quite a few poems already- taught by the professor about whom the aforementioned movie was made developed such a strong thing for him that she told us that she could not have sex with her husband on nights after the workshop took place. (She is/was rather slim.)

Put  that in the movie...

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