Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thunder and Lightning - Or, Pizza and Tamarind

  • Thunder and Lightning - Or, Pizza and Tamarind

In Sri Lanka
the thunder and lightning
were unexpected guests
in my sleep. 
When I looked out
from the balcony
I saw only moonlight
off the Indian Ocean.
In the dream that followed,
I ordered pizza, plain,
but for some reason
it shimmered
like the most pleasant 
of ghosts
-or like still undwarfed Pluto,
which I couldn't possibly see-
in the moonlight,
perhaps because
an owl rose
from the garden
and alerted
an actual mongoose
with whom I had words.

The following night,
the biryani I ordered
for dinner
housed just a tinge
of tamarind
in the masala,
sweet as rhyme,
sour as envy.

I am ashamed 
to admit
that I gobbled it
and then turned,
stomach still craving,
to lanced pineapple
for dessert.

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