Wednesday, July 22, 2015



Now people use smartphones,
but remember
when GPS Mary ruled
and told you quite
how to proceed.
but when you struck out
on your own,
labeled you an insufferable
goose egg
in one syllable:  “Recalculating.”
You could hear her sighing
for the woe of the world
and her erring GPS children.
A world in that term:
reworked treaties,
revisited stratagems,
reappraised networks.
The road not taken, Mary,
and against your advice,
but mostly
because we dreaded
making that unwieldy left turn
with the vengeance of dozens
bearing down on us
as we slipped just past
the warning
of flashing red.

Split second decision, Mary.
Like an owl deciding
to flag a mouse
and swooping down
to carry it off.

Please forgive us, Mary.
We knew just what we did.

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