Monday, July 20, 2015

Marblehead Calling

Marblehead Calling

I'd stare out to sea,
not like the wives
of  captains
loving dead husbands,
but instead
asking that it not change.
I'd take my daily constitutional,
rounding the fort
and the walkway,
sitting on the benches
with other tough old farts.


Then dinner at my favorite
small restaurant,
slightly darkened,
quite cool.
with a finger plate of cheese
and fruits
for dessert.
Ice cream later,
with judicious chocolates.

Then home, James,
although there would be
no James
because I like to walk.
I would nod to the stars,
approving their sky walk
and their appearing in place
for the season.

A longer nod
to the moon.

At home again,
with tea
and a biscuit or two.
Writing for time,
then reading
to calm me.

Last look at the sea.

Last listen to waves.

Turn out the light.

Sleep without dreams.


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