Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Night Music

Summer Night Music

The music is different
on summer nights;
it makes you want.
You don't even know
the shapes want will
and the music could even
be coming from your own
from a  device you've known
all your years
and yet you'll feel
there's something
want is inspiring
that you would scream
or fly up
or unbecome
to capture
and yet you don't know
you cannot know
and you will never know
just what it is,
cannot name one syllable
of it
or the time it encases
which is just as well
because by now the music
has stopped teasing
and become pretty well timeless
and unshaped

and the night to which it belongs,
a hazy summer night
has uncurled
into smells of far off thunder
and something you hardly
as day.

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