Friday, July 10, 2015

Goodbye to Dr. Class (Omar Sharif: 1932-2015)

Goodbye to Dr. Class (Omar Sharif:  1932-2015)

For most of us,
it was Dr. Zhivago.
For me, Nicky Arnstein.
He'd show up,
or have some side deal going
but all through it,
stay as debonair
as an unrented tux.
The real NA was
of course
nowhere near
as insouciant
or dashing
and gave
the real Fanny Brice
tons more heartache.

But, Omar,
your trace of accent,
flashing dark eyes
and constant warmth
amid controlled cool
nailed me
the first time I saw you.

And to find out
that you loved for life
a French Jewish lady
thrilled vicariously.

As Fanny Brice
said in Funny Girl -
class. Pure class.

And it really had
nothing to do
with those 7 toothbrushes.

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