Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Muse(s) and chocolate

I find that chocolate has a most salubrious effect on my writing poems and contacting one of my muses. It is of course possible that the muses like chocolate, too. I have never seen any of them refuse it. I guess it is my equivalent of leaving cookies for Santa Claus. I leave chocolate for the muses.

I was not always cognizant of this important link. When I was younger and in an MA in Creative Writing program, I sought for a muse without chocolate. It did seem to appreciate halvah, especially the kind made by a certain co-op in Cambridge, Mass.,  but I did not grasp the relationship between the muses and chocolate. This made it a lot more difficult to contact the muse, especially since I only had one of them at the time.

Try it sometime. Contact your muse(s) and offer chocolate.

You'll all be happy.

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