Friday, January 24, 2014

My Body and I: Conversation #1

Every so often I check in with my body on various issues. It is good to converse with one's body at times.

Me: So, body, what's going on?

Body:  Liked the Indian/Punjabi food today, but it wasn't as good as the first meal we ate in that restaurant.

Me: Isn't that always the way?  When they open, they're really good, but then they cut back and start economizing.

Body: I missed their tandoori chicken. Last time it was to die for. Or to live for.

Me: Body, isn't it amazing the way different people develop different tastes for things?

Body:  People would have to be crazy not to like that tandoori chicken.

Me:  Body, not everyone likes what you like. Different strokes for different folks.

Body:  I want  that tandoori chicken.

Me: Well, maybe next time we go, they'll have it again.

Body:  Why is it that everything good has to come to an end?  First, Hydrox cookies. Then the Kabab King buffet in Jackson Heights. Now, tandoori chicken in Indian Villa.

Me: You forgot the chocolate bells in Snowflake Bakery.

Body: I didn't forget. I just didn't want to be sad thinking of them.

Me:  You know the song, Body. "There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams in plenty.."  (Joni Mitchell, The Circle Game)

Body:  Yes, that's true, sort of.  Something goes, but something new comes along.

Me:  So true, Body. Remember? You thought you wouldn't like any of the machines in the gym, but you loved the Cross Trainer.

Body:  Yeah!  I couldn't believe it. It was actually fun.

Me:  See? So remember. Newness does happen, contrary to what those depressing people say about there being nothing new under the sun. There is always something new.

Body:  I'll keep trying to remember.

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