Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I think there should be the Great American Fat (Positive) Novel and the Great American Fat (Positive)  poem. (There should also be the Great American Fat (Positive) poetry journal, but that's a lot less likely to happen.)

Fatumen - wisdom gleaned from reading all about what fat or obese people are supposed to do/should do to lose weight, and then knowing that it is a lot of piffle.

Fatician - someone who claims to know what fat people want and need, even though s/he is not fat and does not have any fat friends.

Fatility - the ease and grace with which many fat people move. "She is so fatile!" "She moves so fatilely!"

Fatriarchy - those who, by dint of their intelligence, passion and charm and determination to bring about fat acceptance and liberation, are looked up to and revered by fat acceptance believers.

Faternity - the camaraderie that inheres at NAAFA and Abundia events.

Faternization - association with fat people. Punishable by being forcibly put in studies that explain how fat is contagious and that people who are close to them will contact the dread disease of Fatty Fatty Fatness.

Fatulity - believing that you will lose weight permanently if you diet. Believing in whatever new fad diet sneaks up the pike.

FatTorrents - place to download weird things said about fat people.

Fatma Fandi - Woman who preached that fat people should have their own country.

The Fat People - movie in which a young woman dreams about fat people and then wishes to lure them into her house.

Fatlust - lust for fat people.

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