Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holy Grail Not

I was just listening to a song, in two wonderful versions, called "Alkali." Written by Tom Russell, it talks about a man who keeps on looking for gold, but can't find any.

Sadly similar to the way it used to be -and still is for many- for people who used to keep on trying to lose weight, but couldn't.  Of course after tons of research and blaming and fat shaming, we finally found out that actually most of us and our bodily systems are built so that we don't lose much weight - or lose weight, then gain it and often more right back. Some people keep on hoping and praying and starving themselves because they keep on looking for a result that is as elusive as that gold.

The sad thing is that while people are putting so much energy -and getting hungry, irritated and often actually sick as a result- into losing weight, or trying, they could be expending it on things that would make them so much happier instead, and also on eating that would make them happier and feel better. Some of it might even have to do with playing or walking or going on swings or dancing, movement that makes their bodies happy, but may not be what one thinks of when one hears the word "exercise."

Another sad thing is that some religious beliefs seem to push people into looking for what they cannot find, or doing things that hurt and torture their bodies in the name of faith.

I keep wondering why any loving god would push or force people to hurt themselves in the name of faith, just as I wonder why any intelligent doctor would prescribe starvation and/or torturing one's body in the name of health.

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