Friday, November 29, 2013

What If

In the early 19th Century it became fashionable for women to look as if they were dying of consumption. Sort of the parallel to the wan cocained look that was so fashionable until very recently.

It became the view of scientists, religionists and social scientists alike that to be moving toward spiritual enlightenment, one had to be thin. Humans, they believed, would evolve into beings without bodies,lights that possessed superpowers.

I need hardly mention that the great number of scientists, religionists and social scientists in the 19th Century were men.

What if - yes, what if evolution favored fatter people instead? What if people with larger bodies were the ones developing higher/better spiritual connections? Instead of fading into lights, perhaps we are evolving growing into peaceful fatter bodies who have killer serves n tennis and volleyball and contact eternal oneness when we bake chocolate cake or fly?

What if we were aware that some bacteria, 500 years old,  had caused women to part-catch me, and then, being fool proof warm to the woman who wanted me to stay with her..

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