Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stark's private war against FatLand and against himself

The only "war" fought in FatLand was, ironically,  against the person who was responsible for providing the funding for a lot of its infrastructure. This grew out of the fact that he was basically at war with himself. He was very attracted to fat women, for instance, but wouldn't countenance marrying one (and especially the one he loved). He liked the idea of having physical fitness centers in FatLand, which was not necessarily a bad thing, but he insisted that their message include weight loss. Of course FatLand would not permit him to open his franchises there under his stipulations, but he kept trying.

When it was apparent that GymNotTrim, health franchises started by Sandor Forman, carried a much more appealing and applicable message of "have fun, move, don't worry about weight," Stark tried to get Forman to merge with CompleteFitness. Forman was at first willing, but then  when he discovered that Stark would not abandon his weight loss message, he reneged. He was then tried on the Other Side, where he would have gone to prison, except for the courageous rescue mounted by his wife Dara and four FatandProud members who then had to live in FatLand permanently.

Stark, livid over Forman's escape, sent drones over FatLand, especially near the safe houses in which the FatandProud members were now quartered. He wanted them turned over to the USA in exchange for a non-harassment pact.

The FatLand Board refused.

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