Sunday, November 10, 2013

Breaking Her In

I do something here that I usually do only in longhand in notebooks. I make notes for a future poem.

Breaking Her In

I don't get it. I still don't get it.

She was heavy, sure, but not super heavy.

She was also quite tall for her age.

Why did you get conniptions when she gained some weight?

Seems she was mostly setting herself up for more growth, which did occur.

She didn't seem to have any other "conditions".

She was athletic, and loved to walk, as well.

By which scenario did you find her unfit? Did you envision Soviet troops invading the land,
with her sticking out of the hidden bunker and thus betraying the block?

Did you imagine Chinese tanks spotting her from miles away because you'd hidden the children and she was too big for the cellar?

Or was it something nastier, more ultrapersonal, like her frightening boys away or beating them at touch football and tug of war?

Whatever it was, it really played havoc with her body and its regulatory systems as you decreed and put her on diet after diet, and she kept losing, then gaining it all back and more.

Why did you keep trying to iron her into uniformity when it was so clear that she would never fit into your barbie cookie cutter mold? Is that all you knew to do to young girls?

Is that all you knew to do to your world?

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