Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fat Cat

I would love to see more poets writing about their fat pets. I wrote this poem about a fat orange and white cat named Muffin. However, I do not have such a cat. I would, however, very much like to have a cat like this.

My Fat Cat

Muffin is my fat cat.
She is orange with lots of white fur,
Especially on her belly,
Which wobbles under her
When she jumps.
She rubs against me every time
I walk to the bathroom.

She thinks I am her pillow.
I explain to her
Without much conviction
That she is a cat
And show her a mirror.
Fascinated, she gazes at her likeness
Then struts to the window.
She doesn’t try to seduce birds
With birdlike noises;
She just watches.

She doesn’t gulp her food
But takes it in her mouth
In a leisurely fashion
And informs the world
That she is ready for another nap
By lying down in my bed
And rubbing against my blanket.

It is difficult to refuse her hint.
I spread myself next to her
And rub my head in her

The rest of the non-cat world

Will have to wait. 

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