Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter wonder

I saw a wonderful nick on a post on Facebook: wintercrystal (the "e" may have been omitted, but I am compulsive about full spellings, as you may know). It reminded me of one of the best winter poems I have ever read - the very last poem in Fat Poets Speak (1):  Voices of the Fat Poets' Society (Pearlsong Press, 2009). It is Arctic New Year, by Lesleigh Owen (copyright 2009, by Lesleigh Owen and Pearlsong Press).


And I will accompany it with a poem entitled "Winter Crystal."

Water froze,
merged with sky.
In cold I lose my outlines
and become crystal
like a spider writing

I don't know if it is because I am fat, or because I have genes from cold places :)   But I love winter. I feel that I merge with the cold. To an extent, and in other ways, so does Lesleigh in her amazing poem.

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