Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fat? Imagine that!

I do not always have a firm grip on what constitutes a fat person. Some people call others fat to get them upset or angry, even though actual fatness may be in question. Others tell people they like that they are not fat, as if to spare them the voicing of an objectionable association or category. I consider "fat" an adjective, a descriptor. And yet...I myself am not always sure if someone is fat or not. The BMI classifications to me are all but worthless. They were meant to measure variations in weight across populations, not personal health or heft. Oh, another thing. Health has zero to do with fat, and vice versa. Thin people get every disease or illness that fat people get. Fat people can be and are super athletes. Fat people could be healthy and happy if doctors and fat-hating charlatans would let them be so.

Am I fat? Imagine that. 
I like being fat as a soft orange cat.
I like being fat as a gauzy hat.
If a cat ate a rat from an orange mat,
Would she get fat? So what? Extra to pat.
Hugging is better when one is fat,
whether a cat on a mat 
or a cat who has sat
on a rat.
Imagine that.

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