Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dr. Deah read Kathy Barron's poem "Fat Bitch" this past weekend

So Dr. Deah Schwartz was the Chair of the Fat Studies/Fat Literature presentation at the Popular Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque during the past weekend. With the able assistance of Susan Huddis Koppelman, who unfortunately could not attend, and of Peggy Elam, the CEO of Pearlsong Press, Dr. Deah put together a superb program of literature and clips and readings and discussion.

The hit of the presentation:  Fat Bitch, by Kathy Barron, a poet whose poems are featured in Fat Poets Speak (1) - Voices of the Fat Poets' Society and Fat Poets Speak (1) - Living and Loving Fatly.

For your listening pleasure, here it is:  Live! Kathy Barron reads her poems Fat Bitch and Fat Bitch 2.

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