Thursday, February 6, 2014

FatandHappy House

Dream:  A network of houses spread across the land (USA, but hopefully other countries might decide to participate) to which fat people could come to:  live, cook, write, sing, play instruments, make art,read poetry,design things, do research, just hang out, greet people.

Poets could get grants to write for a summer or a year. Different kinds of poetry readings would be held weekly, monthly, yearly.

One or two of the biggest houses would also hold archives -papers of famous fat people and famous fat activists, relevant clippings, newspaper articles, copies of fat-friendly magazines and journals.

Dance evenings with wonderful fat dancers of all kinds would be held. Fashion shows would also take place.

Clothes of all sizes would be available for those who visited (either free or at a very low price).

There would be four residents at all times keeping the house in some kind of shape and greeting and helping those who came to visit.

FatandHappy House.

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