Friday, June 12, 2015

Sixty One

Sixty One

Time to stop learning
new things.
I don't mean
the occasional squirt
of interest,
the factoid,
the unruly but laughworthy
I mean languages, ologies,
If I haven't grasped by now
whatever it is,
it is not likely to seize
my tired brain
and catapult it
to revelation.
Much more pleasurable
or at least contenting
to walk in familiar tracks,
gaze on routes I've walked,
lap from bowls I've kept.
Newness is oldness.
Excitement is boredom.
Ecstasy is a letdown.
Let the earthshakers
rile the planet,
claim its agonies,
right its difficulties.
I will go to my couch,
think of sunsets,
and ply cocoa
with a dedicated eye
and mouth.
Firstness, I sniff
in your general direction.
Ease, I embrace you.

Au revoir. Au lit.
A la paix.

Good night.

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