Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kaddish for a Robin

Kaddish for a Robin

It must have fallen
from the tallest tree
in the yard
during the storm.
Wind, rain and lightning
must have intervened
as it toppled,
never knowing what hit.

Its robin companions,
must have known
soon after the storm left.
Leaves surround it
on all sides
as fallen twigs and branches
spread nearby.

Quiet now,
the sky gleams
with blue
and white clouds
that fly over the yard
in the shapes
of animals and large birds.

Sun leaves shadows
of white dust and pollen
near the window.

Sometimes a bird
flies near.

It may slip
through currents
of disturbed air
if it is lucky
and does not point down.

Life in death and death in life,

Earth folds us to her spine
and we learn to fly up.

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