Monday, June 8, 2015

My Tablet and I

My Tablet and I

Tap. Tap.
Oh. Wrong letter.
Tap again.
Next letter. Oh.
No, my password
is not ALIAS.
 Next letter.
What do you mean,
"name and password
do not match?"
I do not know how to cap :(
Oh, it's the arrow?
Broken arrow..arrowroot..
arrow to my heart..
But now all the letters are caps.
Oh, it just looks that way?
Yes, I see they are all dots now.
This is my password.
If you don't take it,
I will throw you
across the room.
You took it..
Deities and forces
be praised.
No, I don't want you
to tell me
apps I might like.
You have no clue.
Oh, what the hell
is yahoo doing here instead?
How do I get out of it?
I click this...okay..
Youtube. Now please
take Youtube. are my lists.

Next to fight with...



Try for cats.

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