Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pyracantha Berries

Pyracantha Berries  (With Thanks to Robin Enos for Explaining the Robin(s) Gathering on the Lawn)

There was one drunk on the top of the roof
and one buzzed on the bottom.
Others were reeling from side to side
and fluttering over adjacent lawns.
There was even one who seemed
to be offering toasts
(and I mean "toasts," not "toast")
and explaining the meaning(s) of life
to his neighbors.
I was probably too late,
but I'm sure there was a bet placed
on who could chow down the quickest
on the most  red stairways to heaven.

And the best thing is
that there were no robin patrols
telling them to move along
or get in the car
or threatening
to call their parents.

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