Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We're An Epidemic

When I first heard that we "obese" (read "fat") people constituted an epidemic all on our own, I was both angry and horrified that we, a group of theoretically non-life threatening folk, could be considered an epidemic - infectious. Then I read that we, non-dieters who somehow achieved something of note.-whether in athletics, music,  art, weather broadcastingu- were "promoting obesity." Imagine that. Non-dieting, non-starving fat people who had managed to push/work past societal barriers in a thin-centric culture were now "promoting obesity." I'll deal with this accusation later, in the FatLand blog.

Now it kind of tickles me to be an epidemic, or part of one, upon further thought. So I will respond to the accusation of such here.


Have you seen us? We are an epidemic.
Look at our faces, our eyes, our hands.
Look at our sometimes round bodies,
our predilection for thoughtful discussion,
our liking for analysis in many spheres.

You don't see it yet?  Then regard what you don't see -
Invisible cells of fatness curling around you,
Churning to merge with and weaken
your innocent thin cells, squeezing them,
claiming them, choking them off
until they fall, helpless, into the grip of Demon Fats.

The Demon Fat Cells toss off their air of nonchalance
and dance naked over the shrinking thin cells
who beg for mercy
and are tied to the FatMobile.
The Demon Fats whoop with joy
as they hug each other
and crush the last rebellious thin cells.

The Fat Empire leader smiles
and tells the Demon Fat Cells
to relax. .
The Demon Fats
 devise new plans.

They'll infect more thin cells
come morning.
Meanwhile the Demon Fat Cells terrify
with their yells
and sing in dreadmaking, heartstopping fell language
the songs of their fell people.

Nom nom nom nom nom.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Beautiful, in-your-face embrace of fat monsters. <3