Thursday, May 15, 2014

In Body Gratitude - Kathy Barron

Perfect poem for spring and women in all their fat, luscious glory.

From Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly.

Tonight we feature a poem by Kathy Barron, who captures the sensual warmth of her body as it moves and rides in the sun. Brava!

Kathy Barron

In Body Gratitude

The sun kisses
my rounded thighs
as they pump strongly
up and down
moving me forward.

The breeze envelopes
my lush body
swirling over freckled skin
playing along with the kissing sun
as I ride my bike down the street.

Plump arms in front of me
hands loosely holding the grips
guiding my way
as my belly and breasts sway
and my abundant ass rocks side to side.

Music plays in my i-podded ears
pulses through my dancing body
filling me with joy and energy.
I pedal in time to the beat
grinning widely.

And I am filled with gratitude
for this life and this day and this moment
for music and sunshine and bike rides
and mostly for this body ~
this beautiful, healthy, miraculous body
which allows me to experience so much pleasure.
Thank you, Body!
I am grateful and I love you!

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