Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fatting colors

Lesleigh Owen and I undertook the experiment of "fatting" colors - making them swirl, shiver, jiggle, as if they were fat bodies. A kind of inspired synesthesia. An experiment in movement and color naming and color stretching. 

Inner Evening, Autumn:  Fat Gold                      To The Memory of Celia Dropkin (1888-1956)

The sun wasn’t supposed to rise today.
They predicted rain and wind,
All the accompaniments of an autumn storm.
You know the kind,
Where the banshee blows over the roof
And water howls from wherever
You avoid the sky.

Instead the early morning flamed so red
It could have been a happy fat demon
With wand, smoker and spikes.
“Sailors take warn,” the saying goes.
Perhaps they did so
As the red slid into pink
With a tinge of blue at the edges
Then settled into a sun-culled lemon yellow.

It chose to drizzle.
Then at evening
Deep and serious red and gold
Erupted in a celestial coup d’etat
As if to inform above
That color was the new religion.
If this is the case,
Then you choose red purples and orange blues
For morality
And greenish shaded mauve
For ethics,
Perhaps the glorious fat swan
Over the barely visible

Crescent moon
For group identity.

At last light
In a particular spot
On Gardiner Street
The trees and lamps
Fall to the same
Softly faded
Corn dream.

So close to night
The hour comes
That it begs a new season’s time.
Call it inner autumn
The fattest glad gold
You’ve never imagined.

Frannie Zellman

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