Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Voices in Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly

New Voices

I was pleased that four of the five poets from Fat Poets Speak 1 -Kathy Barron, Anne S. Kaplan, Lesleigh Owen and myself- were able to join in contributing poems to Fat Poets Speak 2. It was thrilling also to have Eileen Rosensteel and Mary Worley, the originator of the Fat Poets' Society, as contributors to Fat Poets Speak 2.

But I wanted some new blood, so to speak, some new voices to open our circle a bit. Lo and behold, it turned out that four of our friends from the Fat Acceptance and Fat Activist Movements were willing and able to contribute poems to Fat Poets Speak 2. They are: Durette Hauser, Deb Lemire,  Dr. Deah Schwartz and Mary M. Stein. Check out their bios at the end of Fat Poets Speak 2. How thrilling it was, to include a poem from each of them in our latest volume. Check out their poems, as well.

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