Sunday, April 13, 2014

Haiku-infused poem in Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly

One of the things you will notice about Fat Poets Speak 2:  Living and Loving Fatly is that there are many haiku.

The haiku is deceptively easy to write, but difficult to write well. The images have to evoke each other and connect in some way so as to form one further reaching image in the mind of the reader.

One of the most haunting and evocative poems in the entire book is made up of haiku by Kathy Barron. She wanted to break them up and present them one by one, as individual haiku. But when I looked at them, I knew that they wanted to be presented together, with some of their words in English and some in Spanish. The total effect of keeping them as one poem made out of haiku is that of a hundred butterflies flinging wide their wings; first you see lavender, then black, then red, then green. Then all the lace wings come together in a kaleidoscopic fervor and symphony of color. "Love", "Love 2," and "Love 3" are the poems in this format.

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