Friday, April 11, 2014

Mary Ray Worley

What shall I say of Mary Ray Worley, who founded the Fat Poets' Society at the 2006 NAAFA Convention in the Boston Area?

If you are at all acquainted with Mary, you know that she writes a blog entitled Worley Dervish, in which she discusses important issues of the day and the century. You know that she is a member of Solidarity Sing Along, and that she was issued a citation, along with other members, when they sang in the Madison, WI Capitol Building.

You know that she is passionate about fighting, writing and singing for what she believes.

By some incredible alchemy, Mary seemingly willed the Fat Poets' Society into being by having us all sign our names and email addresses at the poetry workshop I gave them. I think it was entitled Writing Our Fat Selves.

But do you know that she is a wonderful poet, as well?

Here is one of her poems from Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly (Pearlsong Press, 2014).

Mary Ray Worley

Ancient Dreams

Ancient dreams
awake in the longing
of the night.
Who am I
when I close
my eyes?
I am the 
revered body,
the sanctified
I am the
of tribes.
I am pride
into bright days 
of abundance.
I am the
awakening of 
ancient dreams.

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