Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To New York Rats

To New York Rats

One dragged a pizza slice
down subway stairs.

Another fought with
and killed a pigeon.

And believe it or not,
these were not
particularly muscled
or strong rats.

They were your pretty average,
garden variety (and yes,
New York has gardens

So the question is:
what is inspiring them?

Water? Air? Genes?
Police? Rat rallies?
Are they organizing?
"All rats for one
and one rat for all?"
"Rats to the barricades"?

Or are they reading up
and acting on
some inner rat core
"There comes a time
to every rat.."

Or is it the prospect
of autumn in New York
that powers their breathing
city rat selves?
"I love fall - more food
hanging around, and the
air sings of cool rat happy

Some blogs, perhaps,
interviews with
New York ratdom?
"Hey, it's great
to hang out in
New York subways
and in the shadow
of department stores?"

Perhaps the thought
of the Mets as a wildcard team,
and all the peanuts
they could swipe
from the stadium?

In any case, New York rats,
you're making yourselves
and city ratdom
known and feared
and clicked.

Hits in the millions.

So - a rat anthem?

Are you just proud
of making your
ratty furry peeps
household images?

The Mets. Jets.


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