Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Keeper of the Trees

Keeper of the Trees

For Andreas

This one always blooms
A little late. Its seedpods
Expand and white flowers
Spread from its leaves.
My mother kept it
From being cut down.

Andreas, with that
Wonderful warlock name,
Smoked magic when much younger,
And joined with trees.

I wish he were here
To coax my darling.
He would put his arms
Around the trunk
And feel.

I, so left brain verbal,
Would ask when it had
Its temperature taken.

But then I might ask
If it was smitten
With another tree
That no longer stood.

Andreas said
That the tree in his yard
Was cut down
By new people.

He never forgave them.
I have not forgiven
My mom for dying.

I cannot coax a tree
To live.

Andreas says
The magic returns at times
Then vanishes.

If I vanished,
Would the magic
Spell the tree to living?

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