Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lesleigh Owen - Blue

Lesleigh Owen

Beautiful, bountiful, bright blue
Following the sun with your
Gentle head.

In the salty nighttime,
Jupiter smirks a
path through the sunroof
while Van Gogh comets
in chunks of blue.

I remember the night,
stuffed with cottony fog,
when the moon
exploded from behind
indigo mountains,
a UFO intent on domination
and anal probes. We
laughed and
wondered when we could kiss.

And then we did and awakened in
a train station with
hot, blue-gray steam,
padded seats,
and destinations
beautiful in their fairy tale

I wanted.
I wanted to give you
the least carnationy
flower in the world.
I wanted to polish others’ eyes
into gleaming
mirrors that reflect the rolling roundness
of your wavy ocean belly.
I wanted to sip your azure thoughts
eat each fragrant breath.

The moon stains my arm –
blue, with hints of magenta.
The ocean is a sea
of bright blue tears
and I
learned to swim with fat mermaids.

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