Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big Fat Bitch

Big Fat Bitch   (From Fat Poets Speak:  Voices of the Fat Poets' Society)

Frannie Zellman

I am not a nice or good fat woman.

I do not have a friendly bone in my body.

I do not cook. I hate playing with babies.

I am not eager to do kindnesses.

I do not pretend sweetness.

I do not give easily or happily of my time or ideas.

I like to shut the windows, bar the door and grab a book.

I do not exercise.  I do not eat healthy foods,
       whatever those are.

I do not have large soft breasts.

I don't have a fluffy yielding belly or round cheeks.

I do not bring home baked bread to gatherings.

I don't do merry.

I walk fast and frown and make angry faces
       at people in my way.

I tend to order in and eat the rest of the pizza for breakfast-

I elbow my way into subways and push thinner passengers

I do not apologize in any way shape or form
        for what or who I am.

I am fat and likely to remain so, which poses absolutely
        no problem for me.

I am a bitch and likely to remain so, which also poses
        absolutely no problem for me.

Eat shit, world. And down the rest of your assumptions with it.

I leave no room for you.

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