Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Song to Sky - Eileen Rosensteel

Eileen Rosensteel

Song to Sky (from Fat Poets Speak 2:  Living and Loving Fatly, Pearlsong Press, 2014)

Eileen Rosensteel

Song to Sky

Let me be the mountain to your sky.
I will ground you, hold you steady.
Blow where you need,
I will be here.
Massive, unmovable
You who are the holder of
          sun and moon
          steady and shifting.
I am the earth
          fertile and rocky
          stretching up to meet you.
The sky may never know the depths of me.
The way down roots of rock.
As I will not fly the forever arch of atmosphere.
But where we meet,
in the juicy middle
there will be life.

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